Waiting, waiting, waiting...

As a maker of things, I am not a big buyer of things. I understand this is a fairly common trait amongst those who work with their hands.  We see things and boldly declare 'ah, I will make it myself!' This may also have something to do with current financial climate.  That aside, I have ordered the new TOAST catalogue from the UK and have been waiting, waiting for it to arrive in my letterbox.  Each day the lady in her little yellow La Poste van comes past my house.  Is she stopping? She is stopping! There is something in my box!  I venture out with my key in hand - but alas - I am greeted by brown and pale flat envelopes which I KNOW contain no joy.  

It was this image from their current collection which stopped me in my tracks.  The clever stylist working on the shoot was able to tap into all my sensibilities.  I was left declaring 'Oh, I want to be that girl!'
Cotton linen tunic from A/W 2010 by TOAST
I can't decide whether she is a chic Parisian art student or an first time exhibitor at a hip new gallery in some up and coming metropolitan district. Either way, her canvasses are curiously minimal.
Seriously though, if that catalogue doesn't arrive, I'm just going to have to whip up some kind of pattern and make that tunic myself! Obviously, I am well aware that I could order aforementioned tunic on-line.  Call me old fashioned, sometimes I just like to SEE it on paper. Then I can decide if it will make it onto my Christmas wish list.

Elsewhere today,  Les Petits Callioux series made another appearance in an Etsy treasury.  This one was curated by Natasha Newton (you can find out more about her work here).  I love her illustration work so I am very honoured to be part of her 'General Gorgeousness' treasury.

Treasury by Natasha Newton on Etsy