Something Different Sunday

London Fashion Week started on Friday and while the Fash-Pack will be clamouring for front row seats in the Burberry show on Tuesday 21st, I personally would be queuing up for a glimpse of Anne-Sofie Back Atelje.  She is showing her collection this morning in Somerset House.  I must admit though,  if I was there, I would be casting more than a glancing look at the model's shoes.

To be honest, if I was there, I would probably be backstage helping my husband, Julian Hakes.  He has been working round the clock to get these shoes ready for their first public viewing.

A year ago the Hakes Mojito shoe was just a masking tape and card model.  My husband is not a shoe designer.  He is an architect, like me.  Whilst we are definitely one of those couples that define the 'opposites attract' adage, the one thing we do have in common is we both like to use our design background to explore objects outside of the traditional architectural realm.  Architects seem to do this a lot.  You would think designing skylines would keep us busy, but no.

Julian sent his shoe idea to Dezeen and they published it on 23rd September 2009.  It went viral.  After this he challenged himself to make it a reality.  In the meantime, press from all over the world have featured the shoe.  I have to say, I am a little in awe of how he has just dived in and made it work (you have to say that last bit in your best 'Project Runway' Tim Gunn voice).

For more information check out Dezeen's follow up post published on Friday 17 September 2010 here.
Or the web site here.

The Hakes Mojito show will also feature in Ada Zanditon's show (Monday 20th - 14:00 – ON/OFF Victoria House WC1).