Waste not want not

I bought this dress from the lovely Saltwater London shop 3 years ago.  I haven't worn it much because it always made me feel like a 9 year old girl.  I loved the print.  But not the cut.  It has been hanging in my wardrobe mocking me ever since. 

Last week I decided, enough was enough.  I got my scissors out and started cutting.

1.Cut v-neck. 2. Trim raw edge with ribbon. 3. Take 2 inches off the bottom to shorten the dress and use this material to make neckline 
4. Use iron on interfacing to stiffen the dress fabric. 5. Use a circle 
template to draw 1.5 inch diameter shapes and stitch with a colour 
that matches the ribbon trim. 6. Do this stitching several times in 
different directions.
7. Fold the circle in half so the interfacing is showing and mark a small segment in pencil (does not necessarily have to end in the centre of 
the circle). Stitch along this line. 8. Begin to sew pairs of these petals together. 9. Stitch these to some tape and use safety pins to attach embellishment to dress so that it can be removed when the dress 
needs to be washed.

And VoilΓ  - one re-worked dress - ready to wear.