work in progress

Winter Song brooch by Cari-Jane Hakes

The new piece I have been working on was inspired by a comment a friend made on the above brooch / necklace which is now part of a private collection.  She loved it - but could it be smaller?  Feedback is important - and while obviously the woman who bought this brooch loved its' scale it had me thinking for a long time about how I could scale this idea down.

Here it is so far.  The 'sun' still needs its' gold leaf to be applied and there are a few little rough edges that need attention - but I really couldn't wait to wear this one.  Ingredients: cow parsley (dried) and silver.  I have added a 'stalk' at the bottom which has been patinated to match the roll printed texture created by the dried cow parsley.  

Tomorrow is the last day of summer school - lots of etching and enamelling and then home.