When I grow up I want to be a potter

It's true.  When I was around the age of 9 or 10, living in north Scotland, as a family we visited a National Trust property.  In the grounds I spied a potters workshop.  And the spell was cast.  

As I begun to build my little shop on Etsy that childhood ambition has been remembered.  I created a 'Treasuary' (a little corner of etsy.com where you can unleash your inner curator and create collections of items that sit well together, by theme, by colour, by concept, by whim) of beautiful ceramic pieces.

(You can find the link to this list and my other Treasuries here)

And a bit later I found these BEAUTIFUL cups by Asya Palatova.
Her etsy shop can be found here and her website here.

You see, I love crafted items with text on.  It is probably a hang up from days of labelling architectural drawings.  For some reason, the drawing never looked finished till had that final layer of typography.  It's  a predilection that spills over into my jewellery design and it makes my heart leap when I see it in other people's work.  Another example is the work of Jo Heckett.

I have a number of her beautiful porcelain pieces hanging in my house.
And finally, I recently stumbled across the work of Mary Burrows over on Scoutie Girl.

She has a beautiful etsy shop here and I'm really enjoying her blog at the moment with all of the summer camp art projects that she gets involved with.

So until I 'grow up' I shall just have to content with 'Play Doh' and stamping and etching text into silver!