When I grow up I want to be a letterpress printer

I can spot a letterpress card at fifty paces.  Packed in amongst inferior 'other' cards.  I can spot that subtle impression that this special printing process creates, even when it is semi-masked by a layer of cellophane.  In this shallowing of the thickness of the paper, the colour often sits.  And the paper, it has a heavy substantiality about it.  It has grit and tooth to it.  It has been through a lot.  But emerges, pristine and pressed like a freshly ironed shirt.  The colours are matte, often allowing a little of the texture of the paper to shine through and graduating in intensity towards the edges.  The shapes and the design used in this work are stylised and simplified.  Essential and elementary. 
Green Swirl single letterpress card by Pistachio Press

Even the machines these cards and limited edition prints are made on are beautiful.  Pistachio Press shows a few images of their workshop on their website.

Elephants Limited edition letterpress print by Tarahogan
see also their website here

Maple Pods Letterpress Art Print by 1canoe2

Well, until I figure out how to fit more hours into the day (and get my hands on one of those Vandercook letterpresses) I will just have to leave it to the experts.  But seriously, when I grow up, I want to be a letterpress printer.