Taking over the world one stamp at a time.

I am feeling a tiny bit invincible.  The reason?  Well, I picked up my custom made rubber stamp from the wonderful Blade Rubber stamp shop today (it's just round the corner from the British Museum and is the most fabulous place, the British Museum is pretty fabulous too, but alas, they do not make custom rubber stamps).  Now I have the means at my fingertips to stamp any surface I please.  It is a small thing I know, but it feels good.  Let's face it, if you were going to take over the world, you would probably need a custom made rubber stamp.  It would come in very useful for putting your seal of authority and consent on any plans and world domination type documents.  It would save you precious time, no more laborious signatures, just stamp it and your done.  And thus, my little bit of invincibleness emanates from this knowledge.

I vividly remember my first encounter with an ink stamp.  It was one of those empty clock face stamps and my first primary school teacher used it to stamp our jotter pages.  We would then draw the hands of the clock at the correct angle to signify the time that she would call out.  One day, she was away from her desk.  The clock stamp was there.  And the ink pad.  I couldn't resit it and stamped a load of clock faces all over the cover of the jotter on her desk, I made my mark, even though it wasn't my jotter.  I slunk back to my desk having 'claimed' the jotter, it was now under my jurisdiction, it was in my empire!  That said, when the teacher demanded to know who had been liberal with the clock face stamp I relinquished my conquest and kept quiet.

But now, jotters and flat surfaces of the world beware, I have my own stamp now and silver ink and you will ALL be mine!