a little slice of life

Shh.  It's early.  No one else is up.  It's time to make something.
This is my summer workshop.  By the time winter comes round I have to migrate into the house.  It is effectively a potting shed of sorts.  The previous owner constructed it from sawn off telegraph poles and reclaimed shutters.  It has a curious 'Heath Robinson' feel which I have grown to love.  Outside, is the 'all seeing eye' as we like to call it.  A quirky outside light that could have a staring role in any Jean-Pierre Jeunet film!
Ingredients: apron from muji, lots of tools and a couple of vices.
"Brown paper packages, tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things"
This one is off on a LONG trip to Australia.
The first leg of its' journey has begun!  Across the fields between home and La Poste.  Look, I have 'helpers'!
 A quick look at 'Pierre qui Vire' a huge standing stone which marks the halfway point on our zero carbon emission trek.  The local legend has it that the stone spins round at midnight.
Looks pretty static to me.
Instructions: once inside, don't touch anything and stand still!
Au revoir Longeville, ร  bientรดt!
Just time for a spot of 'swing surfing'
inspecting the maize crops
And then home.