I have a new favourite

I heard these pods BEFORE I saw them.

They were vibrating with a papery timbre for all their worth.  Hoping to dislodge themselves and set up home in fresh soil somewhere.

I confess, when it comes to plants, I'm still a bit of a city girl.  However, I am beginning to appreciate them more.  I have come to terms with having them around me.  In the main though, I like the ones with a bit of back bone.  A bit of fiber and strength.  I can't be doing with floppy petaled pansies.  Allium and cow parsley and sunflowers are the ones that impress me.  Their structures seems to defy gravity with a slenderness ratio that would keep an engineer awake at night!

But these may just be my new favourite.  Because they can 'sing' in the wind.

And when you hold them up the light it's like holding a three dimensional x-ray.