First Day at Summer School!

Yesterday was my first day at school - my first day on a short course at Central Saint Martins here in London.  My bag was packed the night before, however, I didn't go as far as laying out my clothes for the day ahead!  
I arrived and milled around amongst a crowd of much younger people.  They looked a bit awkward and self conscious.  And for a moment, just a moment, I felt the same.  I realised, 'I'm at Art School in London, I should be wearing something outrageous and have at least one personality defining tattoo!'  This wore off quickly, very quickly. It's one of the advantages of the advancement of the years.  You gain a kind of confidence. Not a superior, boastful and proud confidence...just a quiet calm one. 

Our first day was on texturing metal.  So, imagine if you will, the way that Homer Simpson intones when he talks about his favourite beverage.  Have you got it?  Well, this is exactly how I sound when surrounded by the means to impart amazing, diverse patterns onto metal, "mmmmm, textures".  Here are the results of part of the day.

First up - Japanese paper.

This one I had to partly create myself by cutting holes into thick card stock.

More Japanese paper - this one is very subtle and would look good overlaid with something else - maybe some etching, 'mmmm etching'.

And finally, lace, from the edge of an old tablecloth.  I then added some punched text 'a stitch in time saves nine'.