The eternal quest

There are three things I am on a life long quest for.  The first is the prefect pair of Mary Jane shoes.  Now, Chie Mihara generally come pretty close on occasions.  Often I will see 'The Shoe' of my dreams across a crowded room/shop.  I wander up, nonchalantly, thinking up an appropriate, witty, erudite way of introducing myself.  And then I see the heel, or a crassly designed buckle and I just have to turn and walk away. Pretending that actually, in fact, I was really on my way to the terrace to get some air.

The second quest involves sketchbooks.  The thing is, I have actually laid my eyes on THE PERFECT sketchbook.  But it wasn't mine.  It belonged to a good friend.  She had just come back from a term in an architectural school in Copenhagen.  And oh!  The proportions of this book were just lovely.  Not too big.  Not too small.  Black, hard cover.  But the clincher was the thickness, the number of pages, that all important third dimension.  Again, I will go into art supply shops. Scan the interior for the shelves where they keep the sketch books.  'Ahhh, I see it'  my heart leaps...I run over and pick up my quarry only to turn it over in my hands and find that there are just too few pages.  I apologise and retreat muttering 'Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else'.  This has happened more times than I care to remember.  But I have a solution - I will just have to go to Copenhagen.  Simple.

The final quest is for the perfect pebble.  Now, this one is a little more difficult because I don't actually know what the perfect pebble will look like.  I just know that when I find it, I'll know that indeed, in my hand is the perfect pebble. My quest will be over.  In the same way that when you find your 'one and only', you just know. You see them for the first time and say 'Oh, there you are!' as if perhaps you have known them all your life, even though you've only just met.  For the record, pebble, top left, is pretty perfect. 

What's your life long eternal quest?  And what will you do when you finally find it?