Enthusiasm and Bastille Day

Over on Scoutie Girl Tara is talking about the gift of enthusiasm.  As usual, Tara's poignant writing made me start thinking. And as the whole of France rallies this evening to celebrate the storming of the barricades in Paris as part of Bastille Day my enthusiasm for this topic could be contained no longer.  My point is you need enthusiasm or someone needs to give you the gift of enthusiasm if you are to keep going. Otherwise there is just no way you can keep getting over the barricades that everyday life throws into your path.  

I used to teach architecture - some of the most memorable moments of my teaching involved giving that gift of enthusiasm - sometimes through a lecture and sometimes through a one to one tutorial.  Students would come to you, tired, stressed, at their wits end.  But if you could just impart some of your enthusiasm to them they could rally themselves, smash through that barricade of negativity / fatigue, pick up their pencils and keep designing.

All my life my enthusiasm has been for the detail, those small things that all together make a great design.  In the work that I produce now, the details have to be perfect - if they aren't then a piece won't hang correctly or fit well.  At times I feel fairly isolated from any kind of outside enthusiasm, I only have my own to keep me going.  If I'm honest, just like my students of days gone by, I get tired and negative.  The barriers rise up. I find then that all I need is the enthusiasm of the crowd to get me through, up and over.  The gift of enthusiasm then comes in the form of a 'like' on Facebook or a comment on Flickr.  It's not much, but these little words of encouragement have the effect of toppling the barricade, reminding me that my own little personal 'revolution' is worthwhile and relevant.

Vive la France, vive liberty!