Leaf ring - work in progress

Working on three pieces at the same time means there is a lack of beauty in my workshop.  I need the beauty, it is a weakness, I know, but I love the soft silvery sheen of a freshly finished wire wooled pendant, ring, cuff link, I don't care, just as long as it is finished and looking beautiful.  To this end, at least the etching process has kept me going.  I needed to etch all the base plates for the two rings and the pendant at the outset.  The etching has indeed brought a little beauty to the workbench which is otherwise strewn with tools and sandpaper.

This is third piece etched - no kimonos this time - just a lovely art nouveau lady in a magnificent draped gown and cloak proceeding at haste through a forest, looking beautiful.  

Ever since I learnt how to use a hydraulic press to puff silver out into the wonderful third dimension I have be obsessed with disrupting the level flatness of the sheets of silver I work with.  Then today I stopped to look at ring number 1, now complete with its' ring band but still very much incomplete as it is without its' leaves and hematite.  I was surprised that actually the simplicity of the flat silver was indeed very beautiful and perhaps therein may be the seeds of some new ideas.