A few of my favourite things

taken from The Ampersand blog

Yes, this is one of them.  The ampersand.  I love the non-minimal ones that swirl and curl and almost get lost inside themselves like a dog chasing it's own tail.  In a world full of Sans-Serif and Arial, this little symbol is welcome oasis of flamboyance.  The post today on Scoutie Girl inspired me to write on this, albeit that my response is somewhat off topic!

I love coloured pencils.  I have a stack of Cumberland pencils with wonderful names like Phthalo Blue and Geranium Lake.  Often before a big trip to somewhere new, I will be found, perusing new colours and wondering if these new hues will feature in any of the sketches made on these travels.  

My final favourite thing for today is finding a new TOAST catalogue in my letter box.  The styling is gorgeous and raw with a simple Jane Cumberbatch kind of feel to it.  Perhaps best of all, the recycled matte paper that they print it on has the most amazing smell!