Fearlessly Feminine - dedicated to Annie, my grandmother

This is a big ring.  Worn, it feels like armour.  It is tough. The design though, with its lightly lifting leaves definitely has a softness to it, a swoosh of femininity.  And so this ring would be worn by a woman who is indeed all these things - she is soft, she is gentle, she has grace but beneath all this, the foundation to all this, is her strength, her endurance, her toughness.  She is Fearlessly Feminine.

I love expanding the landscape of jewellery.  Sometimes the idea is just too big to be confined to a narrow band.  I need a bigger canvas!  This could be attributed to my inner architect but mostly sometimes I just want these pieces to shout a message, be bold, be seen.

Today, Friday 18th June, is Etsy's 5th birthday.  I've been planning the opening of my Etsy shop for almost as long!  Today was the day I earmarked for this new beginning.  But today was also the day I felt knocked back and knocked down, humiliated by my lack of understanding and frustrated by a lack of working knowledge of the wonderful French language (lest you think I tarry, ah mais non mes amis, I listen and learn French as I work away in my workshop, many many hours.  And still many more to go until I can chat casually and easily engage in elegant conversation). With the mistakes of the day weighing heavily upon me, I thought I would postpone the shop opening.

Then I finished this ring.

I put on the armour, and listed three items.  My shop is open.  I have many more things to list and tweek but if I waited till conditions were perfect, if I waited till I had all my fancy mailing envelopes, if I waited till I had finished cooking the perfect dinner (it got burnt, I was too busy taking pictures before I lost the light) - well, I would have missed the 5th birthday.