A demanding piece

The new epic piece is not behaving.  I now know better than to keep struggling on with a piece when I can see it is not going the way I want. Today, what I saw my hands making fell short of the image in my head.  I the past I used to keep going, against all odds, I would not give up.  But this determination, whilst admirable, made me miserable.  So now, I put it down, I walk away, I don't give it any attention (this works with a child having a tantrum!) and I start on something else.  

This is it so far.  I love texture on silver.  It is a continual source of joy to me when a texture turns out well.  This is an acid etch.  I almost left it too long (the solution gets stronger the more etches you do, to the point that if you forget about it, it will etch all the silver away, and that is not good).

This is the front, work in progress.  I worked on a ring similar to this as part of my 'Six Memos for the Next Millennium' (based on the book by Italo Calvino) and always wanted to see how the idea would look on a larger scale.  Turns out, it is a demanding piece.  It is demanding a handmade chain to go with it.  However, I don't mind, when it looks as pretty as this, I am happy to oblige.