not finished yet...

But look at how pretty the back is.  This is such a beautiful texture.  It varies in intensity across the plate, fading out at the edges to a ghostly impression of just a hint of leaf.

I have spent all day making the chain, even the jump rings!  I only had 0.8mm thickness wire ready made ones. The 0.8mm rings did not balance with the chain at all, they looked too thin and threw the balance of the whole piece off. The chain demanded 1mm thick loops to join it all together and so I coiled and cut and made 14 jump rings.  I put the whole pendant together to test the position and decided it needed more length.  It is tricky thing to get the balance and length right.  I know better than to keep going late into the night for that is when a whole days work can be melted by the soldering torch! I have learnt this from bitter experience.

I have laid the pieces out in an 'Elves and the Shoemaker' kind of way, ready for tomorrow when I will finish it.