It's finished

Sterling silver and a single chalcedony cabochon.
Entirely hand fabricated (right down to the jump rings in the chain).
After telling anyone who would listen "I'm working on this epic piece" - I'm not disappointed, it is.

It is delicate and strong.  It has a lightness to it, the leaves lifting slightly as if on a breeze.  But when you put it on, you feel its' weight, its' solidity.  

As I burnished the edges of the leaves, removing the matte texture left by the last dip in the pickle tank, it felt like I was drawing with moonlight.  The edges of the leaves are bright where as the surface has been lightly brushed with fine wire wool to give it a satin finish.

Worn with a crisp white shirt and jeans it has the power to elevate an everyday outfit into something extraordinary.

Guess what?  There is a ring to match!