back to 'les petits cailloux' series

After all the 'epicness' of the Leaf Pendant last week it was time to get back to the simple minimalist forms of the 'petits cailloux' series.  I have been busy creating many rings and so needed to balance the collection with some other pieces. 

This is a hollow form construction making it beautifully light. It has volume, but is filled with air.  It is an intriguing little piece as obviously the form is derived from a surf smoothed stone, dense, igneous or sedimentary.  The stone has a weight that has escaped during its transformation into silver.  Oh, and the texture, let me tell you about the texture!

I have lightly etched the silver before pressing it hydraulically to give it the soft cushion like shape of a pebble.  The etching is the most incredible process and it satisfies my obsession of linking silver and moonlight.  For indeed, does this piece not look like some kind of lunar landscape?

And then for the back texture I have used the fragile fibers of a pressed leaf.  I never get tired of this texture, it is still amazing to me to see it close up.  This side is just for the owner of the pendant, a little secret, that only they see when they take it off and rest it on its back.  (Yes, there is a little hole drilled in the back, without which the entire piece would explode in my face!  It allows the air to escape as it expands when the second solder seam is applied.)